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[write it down. make it happen.]
research shows that people who write down their goals are 75% more likely to achieve them. true - living a healthy, fit lifestyle takes discipline and hard work, but setting up yourself for success starts with jotting down your goals and making a realistic plan for achieving them.

introducing fitbook™ - the personalized, flexible and functional line of fitness + nutrition journals that offer a unique 12-week system to plan for success, track your progress, and reach your goals.

  1. have a game plan
    whether your goals are to tone up or slim down, it's important to write down your goals. set your 12-week goals - then set smaller goals on a weekly basis so you have a plan for achieving your long-term goals.
  2. track your progress
    record your workouts and log your food intake - research shows that the act of just putting this info down on paper is key to reaching your goals. plus - you can go back and see your progress throughout the entire 12 weeks.
  3. reach your goals
    reflect on your 12-week goals, log your accomplishments, and reward yourself! then get ready to plan your next 12 weeks.
proof is in the numbers - fitbook works:

75% of fitbook users surveyed have lost weight while using the fitbook: 43% lost 1-5 lbs, 17% lost 6-10 lbs, and 15% lost more than 11 lbs

40% of fitbook users lost body fat while using the fitbook, while a majority of fitbookers choose not to track body fat.

81% of fitbookers surveyed said that fitbook was effective (4) or very effective (5) in helping them reach their health goals when asked to rank fitbook's effectiveness on a scale of 1 to 5.

want more proof?
in one of the largest weight loss studies to date, kaiser permanente asked nearly 1700 participants to eat healthy and exercise. nearly 2/3 of participants lost 9 lbs over the 6-month period, however those who used a diet tracker and fitness journal lost an average of 20 lbs – more than double the amount of the non-journalers.

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